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November 28, 2015

 Interview with Patricia Illera and other music professionals on the music radio show OPERANDO hosted by Borja Mariño: Paths in the world of opera after completing musical training.


 The art world, and in our case the music world, represents a universe of possibilities, adventures, games of chance, and missteps. After receiving training, musicians jump into a vast sea of choices: do they take a sailboat or a paper boat, swim backstroke or butterfly, stay close to the surface or dive deeper - so deep that they can touch the ground and feel the precious stones lying at the bottom?


 Along with other professionals in the industry, Patricia Illera shares about the paths she has taken, or rather, the currents she has followed when navigating the waters of the music world.


 Borja Mariño, a Spanish vocal coach and musicologist, hosts this fascinating interview on his radio show OPERANDO.

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